• Schedule

    From July 1st to August 31st, the Castle is open everyday 2 PM - 7 PM.
    Last call for the guided tour is at about 6 PM.
    The Castle is closed in the mornings.
    The Castle will be open for Heritage Days, on September, 2 PM - 7 PM.

  • Groups

    Please sent an email to request a guided visit between april and october.
    Minimum attendance for a group is fifteen people.

A furnished and always inhabited Castle

This private property belongs to the Agard de Maupas family since three hundred years ago. Castle de Maupas has the constant privilege of being home to the Marquis and Marquess de Maupas, who are fully devoted to care and preserve their family heritage. The Castle receives no money whatsoever from the Government, and only its Stairway of Honor is part of the National Monuments Inventory.

Castle de Maupas is well known for its collection of majolica and porcelain platters, most of them manufactured in France, Belgium and Italy during the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Centuries. This collection, with its eight hundred and eighty seven pieces, is the only one of its kind in France. Decorated by hand, the platters from Moustiers, Nevers, La Rochelle and Delft grace the Stairway of Honor’s staircase, where you can admire ’em during your visit.

The South Wing was built during the eighteenth century. During the insurrection in the provinces loyal to the righteous monarchy, Marie Caroline from Bourbon and Sicilia, wife to the late Duke of Berry, son of King Charles X, and mother of the Count of Chambord, lived at Castle de Maupas. That’s why the Castle is also known as the “residence of the Duchess of Berry”.

Guided tours of the Castle de Maupas include a visit to “The Blue Room”, living quarters of the Duchess of Berry, as well as to the adjacent room, full of Nineteenth Century toys. The coppers kitchen, in the basement, where all the food for the De Maupas family was concocted, is the final part of the tour.