• Schedule

    From July 1st to August 31st, the Castle is open everyday 2 PM - 7 PM.
    Last call for the guided tour is at about 6 PM.
    The Castle is closed in the mornings.
    The Castle will be open for Heritage Days, on September, 2 PM - 7 PM.

  • Groups

    Please sent an email to request a guided visit between april and october.
    Minimum attendance for a group is fifteen people.

History of the castle

The Maupas, Morogues and Parassy estate, ancient domain of the House of Seuly, was bought by Jean Dumesnil-Simon, bailiff to the Berry region in the fifteenth century. Dumesnil-Simon did a complete overhaul of the old manor and ordered the construction of the core and the south wing of the current building.

In 1682, Sir Antoine Agard, Lord of Vailly and descendant of an old family from the city of Verzon, in the Berry region, paid thirty-six thousand pounds for the property. His son, Pierre Agard, a colonel in the Piémont Regiment of the Royal Cavalry and in the Infantry Regiment at Perthuis, inherited the estate. In 1725, as a reward for his services to the Crown, King Louis XV raised the lands of Pierre Agard to the status of a March, and the marquis Pierre Agard de Maupas became the first owner of the March of Maupas, Morogue and Parassy.

The French Revolution forced many aristocrats into exile, and the young lieutenant-colonel Jérôme Agard, grandson of Pierre, accompanied the French princes as they sought refuge in England and Germany. After the 1802 amnesty, Jérôme returned to France to discover that the Castle and lands that used to belong to his family had been sold by the Republic to the Guibert family, originally from the nearby village of Henrichemont.

The Guiberts agreed to sell him a part of the property: the Castle, the woods and the farming lands. The castle still belongs to the de Maupas family, who, just like their forefathers, has a commitment to keep and preserve the traditions started by Sir Antoine de Maupas.